My name is Andrew and I am the Lego® enthusiast behind Inspired by Eric.

I had Lego as a child and have many happy memories of building with my dad. He would build things once my sister and I had gone to bed for us to discover the next morning. In the past few years I have become an AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego®) – I blame my wife for buying me a Millennium Falcon set one Christmas.

My dad, Eric, sadly passed away earlier this year. It was because of his ill health (and having watched a documentary about Lego) that I ventured in to the world of Lego® MOCs (My Own Creations). I wanted to create something to remember him by and embarked on a project to design and build a Lego mosaic picture.

Things have taken off from there and I have had an eventful few months, all because of some plastic bricks.

I made this website to showcase my Lego® creations and offer some for sale.