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My design process

Lego football stadium model infront of laptop showing computer model of football stadium

A few people have asked how I go about designing and creating my models.

I use some software called to design in – it is great and allows you to access the full catalogue of Lego® parts.
One of its main benefits is its integration with Bricklink (like eBay for Lego). This means you can design your model, check the prices (and make changes if you need to) and then upload your shopping list to Bricklink.

I was unsure about ordering bricks from far and wide using Bricklink at first, but have had no issues with it thus far.
It may be possible to source certain parts from your local Lego shop Pick-a-brick section – this is worth doing if you need a few parts that they stock. The stock is very limited though and you really want to fill your cup to the top to make it worthwhile.

Get in touch if you have any questions.